Scottsdale, Arizona – June 28, 2022

Immedia Creative LLC, a leading Design Agency specializing in customized Branding, Print and Website Development, announced today a partnership with UserWay, the #1 web accessibility solution for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliance.

Together with UserWay, Immedia Creative aims to help clientele greatly improve ADA compliance online, with an initial solution that is both affordable and easy to implement.

In recent months, more consumers are conducting day-to-day activities online than ever before. With an increase in online socializing, travel booking, shopping, banking, appointment booking, etc., ensuring websites are fully accessible to people with disabilities is becoming increasingly important for every type of business. Website accessibility not only protects online businesses legally, it enhances the businesses’ reputation and boosts sales by enabling retailers to serve people with a large demographic of shoppers that require additional assistance.

“As a web development agency, I feel it’s imperative to stay educated on best practices, especially when it comes to accessibility and compliance issues. That said, my agency has no legal experience nor expertise in ADA / WCAG compliance, so I was uncertain where to start.

The more I researched ADA Compliance, the more I realized there’s still no concise legislation to reference. This is creating confusion among agencies like mine and their clients. Additionally, no client runs the same type of business, so each may have their own unique compliance requirements.

Therefore, while I recommend each client consults an attorney that specializes in ADA compliance, I still want Immedia Creative to stay proactively educated. If we discover a technology that can even partially assist our clients achieve compliance, I’m committed to making them aware of it and knowing how to implement it on their behalf.

By installing the UserWay overlay, clients can take a large step toward making their site accessible. The solution is easy to implement and helps online businesses mitigate the risk of lawsuits. But most importantly, it enables our clients to provide a better online experience to those with disabilities.”

Tony Camarata, Founder & Creative Director.


About UserWay:

UserWay is the world’s #1 global digital accessibility leader, committed to enabling the fundamental human right of digital inclusion.

The UserWay widget is trusted by more than 1 million websites and is relied upon by more than 60 million users with disabilities every day.

UserWay’s Al-powered technology, combined with human-in-the-loop remediation processes, help enterprise websites more readily achieve compliance with accessibility standards, such as WCAG 2.1, EN 301-549 and Section 508 regulations, as required by US and international governmental and regulatory bodies.

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